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Global absence intelligence hub

Your window into employee absence trends on a global scale.

Know how your absence patterns compare to global statistics.

Absence insights from300,000Edays users worldwide

Planned and unplanned absences can sometimes be difficult to predict. It can also be hard for businesses to understand the trends in their absence data and see how their data compares to global and local averages.

Here, we look at the global benchmark for businesses around the world and provide you with helpful Edays expertise to shine a light on what might be going on.

This months' absence insights...

UP 96.3% on November 20213.03in December 2021

Global planned absence rate (annual leave)

Average holiday and annual leave days off per employee in the month.


DOWN 5.3% on November 20210.39in December 2021

Global unplanned absence rate (sickness)

Average sick leave days off per employee in the month.


So, what does this mean?

Global teams illustration

Global trends

DISCLAIMER: This expertise is based on retrospective trend analysis and should not be considered fact.
  • Holiday: Organisations will need to approach 2022 with caution so as to not be in the same situation at the end of the year. The impact of the pandemic has certainly been felt when it comes to employee absence, and a healthy absence management initiative should be implemented as a matter of priority to start the new year the right way. Ensuring staff take their holiday steadily throughout the year must be promoted by leaders and managers, not only to prevent resourcing problems further down the line but to ensure that staff are rested and are able to give their all at work
Reporting illustration

Themes Compared to 2020

DISCLAIMER: This expertise is based on retrospective trend analysis and should not be considered fact.
  • Holiday: On average, UK employees have 10 days of holiday still left to take this year.
  • 40% of the UK workforce plan to use up the rest of their annual leave for 2021 by extending their Christmas holiday. Furthermore, an additional 24% of people will choose to take longer weekends during December. 
  • Similarly to last year some employees (18%) will hope to roll over some of their allowance into the New Year.
  • Similar to the global view, U.K. businesses will need to manage the fall-out of the increased carry over of holidays next year. The relaxed rules in the U.K. for holiday carry-over end in 2022, so businesses should aim to re-adjust the surplus leave from this year to avoid complications at the end of next year.
Did you know55%of businesses don't know the cost of absence?

Know the risks to your business.

55% of businesses don’t know the cost of absence and it’s causing a financial risk. What’s more, many businesses do not have the data to understand the health and wellbeing of their staff, causing reputational damage.

There's a better way with edays

edays employee dashboard feature

Understanding absence within your business is critical to getting the best out of your employees. Edays uses valuable absence data to provide insight into the impact absence is having on your business.

Spot patterns and trends.

Identify absence trends before they become a problem with real-time absence alerts.

Understand absenteeism.

Combine accurate absence data with powerful insights to identify the problems of absenteeism.

Create reports relevant to you.

Create customized holiday and entitlement reports by individual, team, or location.

Integrate with existing tech

Get the complete picture of absence with integration to your payroll, HR, and resource planning platforms.