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Join our upcoming webinars or watch our hits on-demand.

Female construction worker stood in a warehouse using a laptop

On-demand webinar: Construction & property, will you be buried by the Absence Avalanche?

Data from edays shows that people started this year with 31% more annual leave than any other year on record…

…and as of now, employees have on average 20 more days of leave still to use. That’s double than previous years.

An Absence Avalanche is coming to property and construction.

identify employee training and development needs

On-demand webinar: Absence management is aiding business growth feat. Coca-Cola & Filtermist

Whether your business is growing, expanding into new territories or you’re looking to accelerate growth…nothing should stand in your HR team’s way. And learn about their businesses that have grown rapidly in recent times, finding out how absence management can support HR with your business growth strategy.

holiday calendar year

On-Demand Webinar: 3 little-known secrets to tracking and managing holiday in 2021

We understand it has been a nightmare for HR managing all the unpredictable activity that has happened throughout 2020. From furlough, increased sickness, increased carryover, and then some. If this speaks to you, you aren’t alone and so edays wants to help you avoid this in 2021.

sickness absence

On-Demand Webinar: Why sickness management must be your #1 HR priority

Gain unique insights from global e-commerce brand ASOS. Hear about their journey towards championing employee wellbeing with effective sickness management and the help of edays.

Supporting mental health

On-Demand Webinar: Employee mental health, a ticking time bomb. How to tackle it now

Join Alex Griffiths and Dr. Lia Ali from Doctor Care Anywhere on a journey to understand and overcome the key challenges of employee mental health.