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Ebooks, whitepapers and reports

Access our thought-provoking library of whitepapers, Ebooks, and insight reports.

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Solving the holiday conundrum

Read our report to get a greater understanding of the holiday conundrum and what it means for your business as well as learning how you can ensure every employee gets to take a well-deserved break without compromising your post-pandemic recovery.

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Absence risk profile report.

You may be surprised to find out that every company fits into one of three absence risk profiles. Whether your company is looking to grow, expand into new geographies, or recover from the pandemic, it’s important to understand your absence risk profile.

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Top five things HR directors are prioritising for 2021.

In this Ebook, we take a closer look at the results of our annual HR survey. Through exploring HR leaders’ attitudes to lockdown and more, we’ll help you form your strategy for the next year. We’ll assess key challenges and investment areas, and list the three major themes to focus on in 2021.


5 ways to champion employee wellbeing during Covid-19.

During these extremely testing times, it isn’t just the business that is suffering. Employee’s mental wellbeing is currently taking a huge hit. If businesses don’t look after their employees now, there may not be a business to come back to after this is all over.

To help you get through this, we have created a guide on how you can champion employee wellbeing.


Absence matters: 6 reasons why absence management is failing your business.

If you can understand employee absence patterns in your business, you can introduce policies and practices that will champion employee wellbeing and make absences less likely in the future.

The problem is, it can be difficult to tell if your current absence management system is failing you. It’s hard to spot problems and root out inefficiencies when you just do something the way it’s always been done.


How to foster and engage a productive workforce.

A happy and successful business is all down to the employees. Happy employees are productive. Productive employees work hard and help the business grow. However, there are some big issues that are preventing employees’ productivity. We surveyed over 250 senior HR leaders to discuss the biggest issues hindering workforce productivity.