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Know how your absence patterns compare to global statistics.

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Planned and unplanned absences can sometimes be difficult to predict. It can also be hard for businesses to understand the trends in their absence data and see how their data compares to global and local averages.

Here, we look at the global benchmark for businesses around the world and provide you with helpful Edays expertise to shine a light on what might be going on.

This months' absence insights...

UP 40.18% on May 2021 1.86 in June 2021

Global planned absence rate (annual leave)

Average holiday and annual leave days off per employee in the month.


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UP 10.13% on May 2021 0.34 in June 2021

Global unplanned absence rate (sickness)

Average sick leave days off per employee in the month.


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So, what does this mean?

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Global trends

DISCLAIMER: This expertise is based on retrospective trend analysis and should not be considered fact.
  • Businesses should prepare for a further spike in absences when global restrictions are eased.
  • Holidays and planned absences are likely to increase into the summer months with global travel opening up. Businesses should prepare for employees to take longer periods of absence.
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UK trends

DISCLAIMER: This expertise is based on retrospective trend analysis and should not be considered fact.
  • Our data highlights that unplanned absence spiked by more than a third (34%) following the last day of the premier league. This could present companies with significant resourcing challenges as the EUROs take place in June/July.
  • Monday 7th June saw an increase of 32% of the number of people canceling a holiday following the UK Government removing Portugal from the green travel list. Is your business prepared for the potential effects of holiday cancellations? The start of Q4 last year saw 37% of UK workers with 14 or more days of holiday to take before the end of the year and, with unpredictable summer holiday plans, the UK workforce is heading towards another year of holiday hoarding.
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55% of businesses don’t know the cost of absence and it’s causing a financial risk. What’s more, many businesses do not have the data to understand the health and wellbeing of their staff, causing reputational damage.

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