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Episode 12: More Chill to be Ill? Love Energy Savings discuss survey findings on sick days

In this episode, we’re joined by Phil Foster, CEO of business energy provider Love Energy Savings, to reveal their latest survey findings on sick days. They discovered that 1 in 5 people now feel more comfortable taking a sick day compared to before the pandemic.

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sabrina munns

Episode 11: Matt Holman Talks Mental Health with Sabrina Munns, People & Performance Director at Edays

Recorded on behalf of the Matt Holman Talks Mental Health Podcast, Edays’ People and Performance Director Sabrina Munns talks openly, authentically, and genuinely about her experiences with Mental Health challenges, and how she has evolved her thinking and awareness over the past 2 years.

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Episode 10: Demystifying employee engagement that build lasting leadership habits.

In this episode, we’re joined by Mark Gregory and Alex Lewis, employee engagement experts with over 50 years of combined corporate experience to discuss their fascinating new book “The engagement habit: For people screaming on the inside“.

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Episode 9: Absentee Leaders…invisible but highly destructive with Gillian Hyde

In this episode, we’re joined by Gillian Hyde, a Charted Psychologist at Psychological Consulting Ltd specializing in HR with over 25 years of experience to discuss the impacts of “absentee leadership” – a silent killer of employee engagement and company culture.

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Episode 8: Absence management aiding business growth feat. Coca-Cola

In this latest episode of State of Work, we speak to global HR leaders, Kara Nixon, Head of People Services at Coca-Cola European Partners, and Ian Reece, HRA L&D at Filtermist to learn about how their businesses have grown rapidly in recent times, finding out how employee absence management can support HR with your business growth strategy.

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Episode 7: Data Science in HR with Peak Indicators

In this episode, we’ve invited Antony Heljula, Technical Director at visionary data science and analytics firm Peak Indicators to discuss his latest thought-provoking report ‘Data Science in HR’.

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Episode 6: The rise of employee stress & burnout risks – is it just a lockdown problem?

In collaboration with our partners Doctorcare Anywhere, join Clare Corlett and a panel of healthcare experts as we explore what stress is and challenge some of the thoughts around what might be causing it.

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Episode 5: Propelling Tech Business Growth with Diversity & Inclusion – An International Women’s Day Special

In this International Women’s Day Special, our very own Lauren Hancox sat down with Evie Skinner, Software Developer at e-days to discuss the impact of diversity and inclusion on company culture and propelling growth in a tech organization.

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Episode 4: Absence Intelligence – Why data is the key to understanding sickness absence and beating employee burnout

In this episode, we’re joined by Leah Naman, People Experience Partner at ASOS, and Paul Holmes, MD at Wirtgen Group to reveal all about how they use absence data and insights to better understand sickness in the B2C and B2B workplace to combat employee burnout and presenteeism.

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Episode 3: Tracking and managing employee holiday in the new world of work

You’ll love this episode of State of Work if you want future-proof solutions to managing employee absence, furlough, carry over, and more. Plus hear from TWO world-class HR professionals in Clem Heudron (Head of Product, e-days) and Sabrina Munns (Head of People, e-days).

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Employee Wellbeing

Episode 2: Championing employee wellbeing to support business growth

In this episode, we’re joined by Chelsea Peek, Head of People at CCM Group. Providing PPE to some of the UK’s biggest brands, CCM Group encourages open communication to champion employee wellbeing through a phase of rapid growth. Learn more about CCM Group’s pioneering wellbeing initiatives to support business growth through a completely new world of work.

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Supporting mental health

Episode 1: Employee mental health: a ticking time bomb with Dr. Lia Ali

Join Alex Griffiths from e-days and Dr. Lia Ali from Doctor Care Anywhere on a journey to understand and overcome the key challenges of employee mental health.

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