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Why sickness management must be your #1 HR priority

Sickness absence is inevitable for any organisation, regardless of size, location, and sector. Being too late to react and offer support to employees that are suffering from illness can be detrimental to their productivity, health, and overall employee experience. This makes it extremely important for your organisation to be notified of sickness absence in real-time to ensure a prompt response, ensuring your employees always have the support they need, when they need it.

Join our webinar on Thu. 18th June to gain unique insights from global e-commerce brand ASOS. Hear about their journey towards championing employee wellbeing with effective sickness management and the help of e-days.

Remember, in the world of work which comes after the peak of Covid-19, it’s the companies that actively take steps to safeguard their employees who will see both short and long-term benefits in employee health, happiness, and productivity.


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Leah Naman

Steve Arnold

People Experience Partner

Co-Founder & CEO

Steve is CEO of e-days, the global absence management platform which provides mid-market and large-scale companies with an effective answer to complex requirements.

Leah effectively led the internal design and implementation of the e-days sickness absence system and processes for large online retailer ASOS.

Paul Holmes

Alex Griffiths

Managing Director


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Paul is Managing Director of Wirtgen Limited, a global leader in Road and Mineral Technologies.

Alex has worked in the HR space for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience in the employee engagement space including absence, benefits, communications, wellbeing and recognition.

What will I learn from this webinar?

  1. The current challenges of managing employee sickness
  2. Best practice and advice from ASOS and industry experts
  3. How managing sickness absence effectively can benefit employee health, happiness and, productivity