Absence Risk Profile:Discover the risk of employee absence on your company

You may be surprised to find out that every company fits into one of three absence risk profiles. Whether your company is looking to grow, expand into new geographies, or recover from the pandemic, it's important to understand your absence risk profile, because:

Compliance matters 

Non-compliant absence is a minefield and a huge risk to any business

 Absenteeism matters 

The cost of employee absence can restrict business growth

Your people matter 

Stress and burnout is proven to cause churn and disrupts business productivity

What's your absence risk profile?

Get your copy of the Absence Risk Report

To help you understand your absence risk profile in more depth, we have created a report that combines unique research into the absence landscape of 5,000+ companies. 

Summarised to include key findings and practical recommendations, that aim to help companies reduce their absence risk exposure, support growth, and aid recovery.

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