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Tracking employee sickness shouldn’t be stressful

Keeping on top of all unplanned absences can be extremely hard and time-consuming. Manually checking when employees have been off sick, what they went off for, how long they were off and how many times in the past year they were off, is almost impossible. However, it is extremely important that you do log sickness and monitor them closely.

An automated online system will take the stress away from managing and logging sickness. With easy sickness logging, powerful reports and additional sickness features, you will reduce unplanned absences and increase employee wellbeing.

E-days sickness tracking system
E-days sickness tracking

Make managing employee sickness easy

Managers can easily log sickness absence immediately after they have spoken to the employee. Through our online platform, managers can select the employee, enter the reason for absence, the date they are off and include any further details about their illness. Once submitted, our system will automatically send an email to the employee, which will include advice about their illness directly from the NHS.

Obtain the sickness insights you need through a powerful reporting platform

HR and managers are able to create bespoke sickness reports, providing them with valuable insights into sickness trends across the business. Reports can be built for individual employees, teams and locations, as well as setting filters to only show certain personnel or absence types.

Users can also access the reporting function to track the cost of sickness, allowing organisations to identify problematic absenteeism and highlight cost-saving opportunities. All reports can be setup and automatically sent to managers and HR on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

E-days report folder

“e-days has helped us to streamline and effectively monitor sickness within the company. The system is easy to use, colourful and intuitive.”

Head of Compensation & Benefits at Sony Pictures

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E-days sickness features

Additional sickness features

Monitoring sickness doesn’t just stop at tracking and reporting on unplanned absences. Our sickness tracker has built in additional features to help you manage all aspects of unplanned leave.

Return to work forms: Generate custom self-certification & return to work forms, allowing staff to accurately document sick leave quickly and efficiently.
Bradford Factor: A visible representation of the employee’s Bradford factor score, as well as a breakdown of total time the employee was off and number of occasions.
NHS Wellbeing: Our NHS Choices integration allows managers to select a reason for unplanned absence, which pulls through advice directly from the NHS.

Find out how much sickness is impacting your business today

Use our Bradford Factor calculator for free and to see how much sickness is impacting your business. The Bradford factor is an industry-recognised system that was designed around the principle that repeated, short-term absence has a greater operational impact on your business. The higher the scores, the increased disruption for your organisation.


How to use our Bradford Factor Calculator

Step 1. In the Absence Count box, input the total number of times an employee has been off over the last 52 weeks

Step 2. In the Days Absent box, input the total number of days the employee has been off over the last 52 weeks

Step 3. Click ‘Calculate’

(Number of occurrences in last 52 weeks)

(Total number of days)

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