Start understanding employee sickness and take action.

Online sickness tracking enables you to manage resources and provide support to employees better than ever before.

sickness tracking software

Trusted by over 1,500 companies worldwide.

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Complete monitoring and logging of employee sickness.

Get complete visibility of your workforce with Edays sickness logging and monitoring. Complete with custom sickness triggers and alerts to manage sickness entitlement for teams and individuals.

Having clear oversight of who and when employees are sick will keep your team safe, and help employees to return to work safely.

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absence reporting

Champion early intervention with dashboard reporting and sickness alerts.

From sickness absence, through to tracking isolated employees working from home or furloughed, Edays gives you the case management tools to be proactive and prevent spikes in unplanned sickness absence. Edays will also alert your managers of workplace sickness cases, helping keep your team safe and productive.

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Health and wellbeing tools at your fingertips.

Empower your employees to work smarter, happier, and healthier with self-service access to professional health and wellbeing advice.

In some countries, employees are asked to log a reason for sickness. This allows our intelligent platform to push advice on how to recover, straight to their inbox, and gives managers proactive insights into common absence reasons.

Securing GP appointments is tougher now more than ever. For customers in the UK, our online GP service gives your employees access to speak to a GP without leaving home.

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Edays has enabled us to follow processes more rigorously and a big benefit is the visibility of absence throughout the organisation. The reporting functionality is used to show clearly which departments need to focus on employee engagement and wellbeing when it comes to sickness absence. It has also allowed us to keep on top of the holiday bottleneck and ensure that we have a smoother flow of absence throughout the year which is much easier to manage.

Edays is a great system that is easy to use and understand when it comes to logging sickness and booking holiday. It provides us with all the absence information we need through one screen and the system can offer expert medical advice to ill employees at the click of a button.

Mathias Grosse, HR Officer – McClures

We really struggled with countries using the old HRIS system, we had very little flexibility and limited functionality across HCM. With the combination of Cornerstone for booking and managing learning alongside the absence tracking and reporting offered through Edays, we’ve found a solution that has saved endless hours of admin and increased employee engagement globally.

Read our expert guide to managing workplace sickness absence.

The bad news is that staff sickness will always be a problem for employers. The good news is there 6 steps you can take to reduce sickness absence in your business.

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