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Online sickness tracking enabling you manage resources and provide support to employees better than ever before.

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Complete monitoring and logging of employee sickness

Get complete visibility of your workforce e-days sickness logging and monitoring. Complete with custom sickness trigger and alerts to manage sickness entitlement for teams and individuals

Having clear oversight of who and when employees are sick will keep your team safe, and help employees to return to work safely.

E-days sickness tracking software
E-days absence management software

Champion early intervention with dashboard reporting and sickness alerts

From sickness absence, through to tracking isolated employees working from home or furloughed, e-days gives you the case management tools to be proactive and prevent spikes in unplanned sickness absence. Alerting managers of workplace sickness cases and helping your team stay safe and productive.

Health and wellbeing tools at your fingertips

Empower your employees to work smarter, happier, and healthier with self-service access to professional health and wellbeing advice.

Employees are asked to log a reason for sickness. This allows our intelligent platform to push NHS advice on how to recover straight to their inbox, and give managers proactive insights into common absence reasons.

Securing GP appointments is tougher now more than ever. Our online GP service gives your employees flexible healthcare to speak to a GP without leaving home.

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Customer Success Story

Reducing absence processing time from 75 minutes to FIVE minutes with e-days

“e-days has revolutionized the way we monitor and manage sickness absence, transforming the way we work. We don’t know how we coped before e-days was in place.”

Leah Naman, People Experience Partner

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