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Absence and leave solutions for your organisation

edays best-in-class absence management software provides one configurable system to suit your requirements.

Trusted by over 1,400 companies worldwide

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View our Solutions below

small business


Transforming absence in your growing organisation.

medium sized business


Take control of absence and leave in your organisation.

large business

Large & Enterprise

Providing simplicity at scale for enterprise customers.



Compliance and complete visibility for global organisations.

people data

People Data

Utilise people data for a healthier and more productive workplace.

Employee experience

Employee Experience

Create positive absence experiences for happier, healthier employees.



Streamline business operations with our integrations.

holiday and leave software

One centralised absence tracking system, configured for you

Logging absences and leave bookings are timely processes if done manually, so you need a solution that does all of this seamlessly without the need for paper, email chains or spreadsheets.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday booking system, a sickness tracking system, or a complete, global absence and leave management platform complete with people data, automated reporting, absence triggers and alerts, we have the solution to suit your organisation.

Overtime booking on mobile app

Discover all the benefits of our intelligent absence and leave management system

From holiday booking, to time submission, TOIL, overtime, sickness tracking, working locations and automated reporting, edays provides a host of features to help you manage absence and leave in your organisation.

We’ve also partnered with a number of HRIS providers to offer you a smooth experience with an easy set-up, and provide a plug-and-play integration with Cornerstone OnDemand. Our API (developed in-house) can be used to build an integration, and we also have API end points which allow you to extract your absence data to use wherever you need it.

And, our system integrates with everyday tools including Gmail and Outlook. iCal feeds allow you to sync edays calendars with any web-based calendars and our single sign-on (SSO) options allow staff to access edays when they sign in from their work device.

We were using an online system, but it wasn’t easy and intuitive for our employees and managers because it wasn’t an absence management tool – it’s mainly known on the market as a ticketing tool. Some of our locations weren’t using it at all. That’s why, when we had to consolidate data, it was a challenge taking us from some days to several weeks to provide the overview and numbers required.

Liia Rikson, HR Technology Manager – IATA

We find the edays system excellent and very user-friendly. I’m the master user in the HR team and have found it to be a great system. The help desk at edays is also excellent and always reply with accurate help straight away. Whenever I meet other HR professionals I always recommend edays if they want an effective holiday tracker system.

Ben Efford (MCIPD), HR Business Partner – Monster Energy

We can now say with confidence that 100% of our absence and overtime is now tracked and monitored within the regions that use edays. This ensures our employees get paid for their overtime and gives us a more accurate picture of absence within those regions, allowing us to plan our resources more effectively.

Edit Hannak, European AP Manager – Trimble

Absence and leave solutions questions


A happy man ready to answer your questions

What is an absence management solution?

edays absence maangement solution is one, configurable platform that enables you to book, track and view all employee holiday, leave, absences, overtime, TOIL and more. Our platform can be tailored to you, meaning it is built from the ground up with the features that you need.

View all of edays’ features here.

What types of solutions do you offer?

edays absence management software is flexible and customisable, meaning you can use it in a way that best suits your SME, mid-sized or enterprise organisation. From easy holiday booking, to more complex leave requirements, to accessing and analysing absence patterns and trends within your organisation, edays can be as in-depth or straightforward as you need it to be.

How secure is edays?

The security of our customer’s data is our top priority. We are ISO 27001 certified and data is stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. All data is encrypted at all times, both at rest and in transit using the most modern encryption standard and algorithms. For more information, head over to our Security Section.

Our organisation operates across multiple locations, can we use edays as our only system?

Yes. edays absence management software can be used across an entire organisation that operates from multiple locations and even countries. Our system can be configured to work differently according to separate teams and individuals, while still providing full visibility of absence and leave across the whole organisation. And ensuring that you have the tools you need to become globally compliant.

Are there any optional features?

We have many optional features which are frequently being added to, for example:

  • Employee directory
  • Document storage
  • Time submission software
  • Mobile app
  • People Insights

Talk to your sales advisor or partner to see which may be right for you.