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Provide a better employee absence experience

Helping organisations engage with their employees, care for their wellbeing, reduce burnout and offer support.

holiday booking software

Transforming absence for businesses worldwide.

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holiday and leave software

Boost your employee absence experience

Planned and unplanned absences are inevitable in all organisations, and everyone needs to take time off from work every now and then, whether to enjoy a break or to recover from sickness.

edays lets employees view their holiday entitlement and make annual leave requests, which managers can then approve with ease. Our mobile app means requesting and approving leave can be done even faster anywhere, any time.

Records of sickness absences can also be logged quickly, along with a reason for the absence, enabling managers to keep an accurate track of who is off, check in with employees who are unwell, and facilitate their return to work.

sickness tracking

Enhance employee support through absence alerts and wellbeing tools

Our user-friendly dashboards, group calendar and reporting system lets managers view who has been off and when. Trigger alerts allow managers to be notified when a set number of recurring absences have happened, leading to positive action being taken to ensure an employee’s wellbeing.

For UK users, managers can send NHS guidance and advice to any employee who is absent due to illness, allowing you to offer extra support as they recover.

We also partner with Doctor Care Anywhere – a platform employees can use to book a virtual GP appointment whenever they need it, by video or phone. For organisations that utilise an employee assistance programme, this can be linked into your edays platform for employees to take advantage of any extra health and wellbeing support you offer.

Our secure document storage portal also lets you keep HR documents such as absence and leave policies and return-to-work forms all in one place, with your choice of who can access them.

How does edays make people's absence experience better?

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absence management app

Book leave anywhere you are

edays is available on any device, allowing employees to book leave easily, whenever and wherever they are in the world. The brand new mobile app experience makes it easy to create positive, simple and intuitive requests with just a tap.

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Calendars synced

iCal integration adds holidays and sickness dates automatically to calendars such as Outlook and Gmail, so there is clear visibility of who is absent or taking holiday in your team.

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Seamlessly move between systems

The intuitive user experience is simple, allowing your people to connect with other HR platforms they use with one set of login details.

Customisable absence reporting

Intervene early

The system alerts will flag when an employee is taking regular sick leave, so the business can intervene with additional support if needed.

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Self-service holiday checks

Allow employees to check their time-off entitlement, check their remaining holiday balance and trade holidays. They can even access policies, handbooks and other business-related documents in just a few clicks.

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Provide support to everyone, anytime

edays integrates with employee assistance programmes providing the tools to overcome mental and physical wellbeing hurdles, helping people return to work stronger.

edays has helped us to streamline and effectively monitor absences within the company globally. The support team is very helpful and quick to respond – to date we have been very impressed!

edays have a super reactive support team and the application is frequently updated based on customer experience. The initial set-up was pretty smooth thanks to bulk uploads. I’m still a client because the software is reliable, and our business is happy with it so far.