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Reduce unplanned absence with intelligent reporting and dashboards.

Increase visibility and reduce absenteeism with innovative analytics, alerts and trends.

Champion employee wellbeing with accessible, on-demand services for employees.


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Gather absence data to identify patterns and trends

Bradford Factor scoring to alert line managers to when absences within their team are occuring too frequently

Even when you are collecting absence data, it can be hard to relay this information to organisation stakeholders in a way that is easy to digest and understand. This lack of visibility does not only impact HR, it also impacts the greater business. Sick pay may be issued incorrectly, increasing cost of absence and absenteeism and presenteeism may go unidentified, negatively impacting employee engagement.

e-days real-time absence alerts and triggers ensure that line managers and HR professionals are notified to instances of absence immediately after they are logged. This allows increases the visibility of absence across the organisation and allows them to offer employees the support they need, quicker.

Real-time alerts to individuals with frequent instances of absence or that display specific patterns.

Intuitive reporting dashboards to help you make sense of absence data.

Log and track sickness absence reasons detrimental to employee wellbeing


Employee mental health, a ticking time bomb. 

How to defuse it


Start meaningful discussions to champion employee wellbeing

Discussing wellbeing at work is still a major issue for many organisations. This is as evident as less than 14% of employees feel  comfortable discussing wellbeing issues such as stress in the workplace. It is the duty of both HR and their organisations to break down this taboo and promote an open environment to start these discussions, helping employees feel heard and valued.

Our direct integration with the NHS allows users to check up on any ailments or symptoms at the click of a button through the e-days platform, providing expert medical advice from the NHS.


Employees can look up any health symptoms they have and receive expert medical advice in real-time.

Wellness advice area offers employees guidance on how to maintain a healthy weight, quit smoking, get exercise advice and more.

Intelligent sign-posting automatically pushes useful advice about health conditions to employees through email.

Evaluate early intervention strategies with accessble tools

Not only does the e-days platform allow managers and HR to identify potential health and wellbeing pitfalls within organisations that negatively impact employee productivity, experience, and engagement. e-days also takes pride in providing impactful wellbeing tools that organisations can use to address health and wellbeing issues, improving on the 24% of managers that feel they have the wellbeing tools in place to act.

Our online GP service makes this a reality by allowing employees to book and attend appointments anytime, anywhere. What's more, our wellbeing module allows users to check up on any ailments or symptoms at the click of a button through the e-days platform.


Sarah Mason, Head of HR Operations at Lambert Smith Hampton

“e-days have up-skilled our managers by giving us a system that supports our organisational priorities of employee health and wellbeing in the workplace. The meaningful insights we’ve secured from the data e-days generates has been transformational in how we as a company view the role of HR as well.”

20% increase in occupational health referrals at Lambert Smith Hampton


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