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Streamline your operations with our integrations

From HRIS to payroll to the tools you use every day, our API allows you to integrate seamlessly to provide your business with a complete solution built around your absence management needs.

Quick setup

Quick set-up HRIS solutions

We pride ourselves on being the experts in absence and leave, but we know that businesses require all kinds of HR software, from recruitment & onboarding, to performance management, to learning & development.

Therefore, we’ve partnered with a number of HRIS providers to offer you a smooth experience with an easy set-up. We provide a plug-and-play integration with Cornerstone OnDemand, to seamlessly connect your absence and leave management with the other areas of your HRIS.

edays integration

Flexible options with our custom API

If you’re using another HRIS or ERP system, our API (developed in-house) can be used to build an integration. This enables you to incorporate the people data in the different systems you’re using, allowing for a more joined-up approach to your HR processes. We’ve worked with customers to create their own bespoke integrations with systems such as Workday, Oracle, and SAP.

We also have API end points which allow you to extract your absence data to use wherever you need it. A common use case we find for this is for feeding it to payroll providers such as ADP and Sage.

The limits to the ways in which you can use our API don’t stop there either. If you require more functionality and flexibility than is available in our standard edays interface, then you can use our API to gather additional data, answer more niche questions, and automate and streamline your processes.

Calendar integrations

Power up your edays system by integrating with everyday tools

At edays, we aim to simplify complex absence and leave management issues, to provide our customers with a seamless experience. Our integrations with essential working tools such as Outlook and Gmail, take that aim one step further, by removing the manual work and improving efficiency.

iCal feeds allow you to sync edays calendars with any web-based calendars. This means that when you book leave in edays, it’s automatically entered in to your work calendar, making it easy to manage your workflow and be reminded of upcoming leave in the team.

We also want to make it as simple as possible to access your edays system so we have single sign-on (SSO) options. This allows staff to access edays when they sign in from their work device, as it’s configured to work using the company network login.

Wellbeing integrations

Workplace wellbeing integrations

Along with integrations that improve business operations and efficiency, we also partner with a number of wellbeing platforms to improve the employee experience.

With the ability to link to the platforms directly from your edays system, we partner with healthcare providers such as BHSF and Doctor Care Anywhere. This allows employees to book an appointment with a virtual GP and be treated at a time that suits them.

For customers in the UK, we also have an integration with the NHS Wellbeing resource page. Providing a range of general health and wellness tips, the NHS content is pulled directly into the edays system so that when sicknesses are logged, relevant information and advice can be sent out to the employee to help them in their return to work.

We really struggled with countries using the old HRIS system, we had very little flexibility and limited functionality across HCM. With the combination of Cornerstone for booking and managing learning alongside the absence tracking and reporting offered through edays, we’ve found a solution that has saved endless hours of admin and increased employee engagement globally.