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Transforming the way small and mid-market companies approach absence

Simplify absence and leave processes with a smarter solution that slashes admin and improves employee engagement.

Loved by successful small & mid-market organisations worldwide

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absence management

Slash the admin burden with easy holiday booking and sickness tracking

When you’re a small or growing business, you don’t have the time or resource to be swamped in leave entitlement and absence management admin. Swap manual and error-prone processes, like spreadsheets and long email chains, for a simplified, one-stop solution.

You may start by just looking for a holiday booking system. But with edays configurable platform, it can grow as you do.

You can easily request, review and approve leave at the touch of a button, entitlements are automatically calculated, and trigger alerts can be added to be notified of certain milestones. And whether you want to start offering hybrid working, give employees the day off for their birthday, or offer different rates of pay for different sickness types, you can customise your edays system to suit you.

staff holiday mobile and web app

Unmatched flexibility that can adapt as your organisation does

We understand that absence and leave management can pose a significant challenge even for small businesses with perhaps one location and uniform working patterns. And when you dial that structure up for growing organisations with part-time employees, a mixture of office and site based staff, multiple countries, different shift patterns and any other number of variations, it’s not surprising that businesses can feel lost in where to start in managing it.

Offering unmatched flexibility and a system that can accommodate the complex needs of your business, edays is a one-stop solution that works for all your employees.

Whether you want to automatically pull in the statutory leave entitlements of various countries, calculate the correct entitlement for part-time workers, or set up different requirements for different locations, it can all be built into templates to take the pain out of managing your absence and leave.

edays integration

Improve the employee experience

Our mission is to help you to create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. So we focus on the employee experience, by creating a system that’s easy to use, that focuses on wellbeing, and that provides you with actionable insights to better manage your people.

Our platform is simple and convenient, and our mobile app even makes for convenience on the go, whether that’s for logging overtime or requesting holiday.

Not only does our platform help you to log and understand sickness better, but we try to help you look after your employees. So we have a wellbeing gateway that can be linked up with a wellbeing aid of your choice, and our NHS integration means you can send health tips to employees when they’re off sick.

Our integrations don’t stop there either. We also integrate with a number of HRIS and payroll systems, and our custom API means you can create a seamless approach to absence and leave throughout your whole business.

people insights hero

Gain full visibility of your absence data

One of the main challenges of using a manual absence and leave process when you have a growing number of staff, is that you can’t analyse the data, so it makes addressing issues harder.

By implementing a system like edays, all of this data is immediately centralised, and easy to access by those that need it. You can immediately start to better understand the absence and leave your team are taking, spot any patterns that may be occurring and take action where you notice employees might need further support.

By waving goodbye to a fragmented approach and consolidating all the information in one place, you can run reports, keep on top of entitlements, and better understand your people data.

The new system has made our department’s job much easier – as everything is done and recorded online we can access information at any time and download reports as needed.

Ian Reece, HR Manager – Filtermist

edays has enabled us to follow processes more rigorously and a big benefit is the visibility of absence throughout the organisation. The reporting functionality is used to show clearly which departments need to focus on employee engagement and wellbeing when it comes to sickness absence. It has also allowed us to keep on top of the holiday bottleneck and ensure that we have a smoother flow of absence throughout the year which is much easier to manage.

The feedback from the team has been excellent. The edays employee directory has totally changed how we work. We were totally paper-based before and we can rest assured that employee documentation is secure and easy to find.

How we're making absence matter in small & mid-market organisations...

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