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Proactively managing annual leave, matters.

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Annual leave matters.


Holidays are generally happy times. But not for businesses that have no idea who’s in and who’s out.


No business should have to spend hours or even weeks calculating the ramifications of absence data.


A business is only as successful as its people. Making sure they are rested and happy is key.


Simple & elegant user experiences.

Businesses that rely on manual processes to manage absence are putting their employees, HR, and payroll teams through a terrible experience. An everyday task such as requesting a holiday manually is a time drain for everyone involved and can often be fraught with data inaccuracies and questionable data security. Separate logins, clunky system interfaces, or worse – paper forms and spreadsheets are inefficient, old-fashioned ways of working.

Edays gives teams a seamless user experience. It integrates with the entire HR and Payroll ecosystem via single-sign-on and with calendars for full annual leave visibility across teams.

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Holiday booking made easy.

Companies with employees spanning multiple countries know the pain of maintaining multiple sets of legislation and policies to ensure compliance. Employers whose people are on differing contracts also know the struggle of manually calculating holiday entitlement. Businesses with a transient workforce know the headache of manual leaver calculations each month. HR and payroll teams set time aside each month just to tackle the mountain of admin that stacks up behind each holiday request. This just isn’t a sustainable model for growing and expanding businesses.

Edays handles global absence, compliance, and variable working patterns, with no manual calculations required. It’s super flexible too. Edays will auto-calculate changes in policies, holiday entitlements and work out the leaver calculations with ease.

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Intelligence that supports your people AND your business.

Managers will often accept holiday requests only to find themselves understaffed and unable to deliver when multiple members of the team are off at the same time. Lack of holiday visibility is such a simple fix with a tool like Edays. But it goes further.

Edays gives managers the capability to plan around absence trends and avoid the team issues associated with having too many people off at the same time. It also gives leaders the capability to manage employee wellbeing more proactively – predicting who might be in need of a break or who may be at risk of burnout – meaning managers can prompt the best most helpful course of action. Real-time insight into who has taken leave, who has taken very little, or perhaps who has taken far too much is key HR analytical insights for employee health and wellbeing.

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Gone are the paper forms, inaccurate reporting, and confusing hours spent rummaging through half dog-eaten paper trails. We now have an accessible, single-point-of-truth for all of our absences across the company. Managers can administer and oversee/audit absence much more thoroughly and responsively.

Edays makes the entire absence management process more efficient. From booking holidays to keeping a check on allowances, Edays devolves responsibility from HR. Its self-service nature allows staff to take their own responsibility for holiday tracking, making the whole process easier for all involved.

From the time I was assigned a Consultant, I felt confident that the Edays solution would be right for us. Gabby’s confidence in the system he was promoting was evident throughout and his approach was not to ‘sell’ the system to me, it was to provide me with as much information as I needed in order for me to decide whether Edays would meet our needs. During our communications I was given the time I needed to trial the system with regular contact to check on how I was progressing yet, despite many emails and conversations, I was never once pressurised into signing up.

Read our growing business guide to holiday management.

Managing staff holidays doesn’t have to be a challenge filled with admin burden and complex entitlements. With the right systems and processes, it can be a breeze. Even for the biggest and fastest-growing businesses.

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