Online staff holiday planner and booking system

Easy to use annual leave software for any business of any size

Features Include:
  • Simple self-service employee holiday tracker
  • Gmail & Outlook calendar integration
  • Save time & money with better data compliance
  • Seamlessly integrates with any existing HR system

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Holiday booking made easy with our self-service system

Our staff holiday booking system is completely self-service and allows your employees to submit holiday requests in seconds. This information is then captured and sent off to the relevant line manager to approve or reject the request. This makes employee holiday recording a seamless process.

Instant email alerts for line managers containing the employee’s leave request includes a useful snapshot of the team annual leave calendar with a simple one-click approval button. So there’s no need to log back into e-days. This makes the approval process much faster compared traditional paper records or spreadsheets.

Once a line manager has made their decision, e-days will instantly notify the employee through email. The holiday allowance and entitlement is then updated for maximum transparency.

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1 Submit

Select your leave dates and submit.

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2 Authorise

Manager approves leave request direct from email.

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3 Inform

e-days notifies employee and populates online calendars.

Track annual leave entitlements and allowance for your employees

e-days has the ability to adapt to different working patterns and calendar years. The holiday planner displays both used and remaining annual leave allowances to employees on their own user dashboards. This is combined with a built-in entitlement calculator that works for both full-time and pro-rata entitlement.

Each time annual leave is approved, the tracker updates the allowance automatically. This ensures that there’s no overbooking of holidays and that your employees are using their entitlement. With e-days, staff holidays are managed productively without manual input from HR teams and managers.

What’s more, our current clients have experienced a reduction of up to 28 days of admin per year. All thanks to the efficiency that e-days provides.

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Our leave planner integrates with your existing HR & email calendar systems

The key selling point of our holiday recording system is its ability to integrate with your existing systems. Whether that be a large HR system, payroll system or even your email provider.

We provide useful integration with popular email applications, including as Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. This means that annual leave is visible in your company email calendars without having to access e-days.

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Boost efficiency with a centralised and shared team calendar

One of the key features of e-days is the ability for employees and managers to track team holidays. Our leave tracker gives a clear overview of who is in and who is off from each team in your business.

Having a clear overview of where your employees are in a safe and secure system will avoid situations such as staff shortages and holiday clashes. This is way more productive than paper records or a complex unprotected spreadsheet which can fall into the wrong hands.

Of course, you can manage who can view which annual leave calendars online if you wish. For example you may want members of the marketing team to see each other’s leave, and not allow them to see the finance team. You can also restrict certain types of planned absence being visible.

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Record different annual leave types and patterns that fit your business

e-days is equipped to track a variety of leave types to suit your business needs.

Our system will allow your employees to track and spend their overtime and TOIL in both hours and days for those half day bookings. This also applies if you allow for flexible working in your business with our ability to track flexible working patterns.

Tracking sickness and unplanned absence in any business can be challenging without the right system. That’s why e-days goes beyond managing staff holidays and is configured to manage staff sickness effectively through our staff sickness tracker.

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Manage employee holiday carry over entitlement

e-days has the ability to carry over annual leave to the new holiday year if required by company policy.

Holiday carry over rules can be fully customised to only allow a maximum number of days to be carried forward. For example if an employee has ten days left but the ruling is a maximum of five, e-days will only carry five over.

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"e-days has made annual leave management significantly easier for both team members and manager."

Data Manager,
The University of Nottingham

"The support team at e-days are very helpful and quick to respond. We have been very impressed!"

Head of Compensation & Benefits,
Sony Pictures Entertainment