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Reduce admin with our online staff holiday booking system

Streamline booking holidays and leave with edays staff holiday booking system. Our easy-to-use holiday booking software saves time, reduces admin, helps proactive resource management and creates a great employee experience.

holiday booking software

Trusted by over 1,400 companies worldwide.

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Features our customers love

Employee holiday booking system made hassle-free

Staff holiday booking system
Holiday booking system

Holiday Booking

Streamline calculating and booking staff annual leave, for full-time and part-time employees, with our easy-to-use staff holiday booking system.

attendance tracking software

Manager Dashboard & Calendars

Track employee holidays and leave with custom dashboards, group calendars and absence trigger alerts.


Global Entitlement Management

Easily become globally compliant according to the absence and leave regulations in different regions.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Conveniently submit leave requests, log overtime and manage records on the go with our mobile app.

Employee experience

Custom Leave Types

Create custom leave types to be calculated, tracked and displayed alongside annual leave entitlements and other types of leave.

People data

Data Reporting

Automatically receive weekly absence and leave reports that offer powerful, accurate insights.

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Create simple & elegant user experiences with our staff holiday system

Businesses that rely on manual processes for absence and leave put employees, Human Resources, and payroll through hard times. Simply requesting a holiday is a time drain and can be fraught with inaccuracies and questionable security. Separate logins and paper or spreadsheets are inefficient and old-fashioned. edays seamlessly integrates with your HR and payroll systems through Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality. It also synchronises with your calendar using iCal export, ensuring comprehensive visibility of your leave schedule. This results in a user-friendly and sophisticated experience, eliminating the need for bulky spreadsheets

absence management calendar

Holiday booking made easy

Companies with employees spanning multiple countries know the pain of maintaining various sets of legislation and policies to ensure compliance. Employers with people on differing contracts know the struggle of manually calculating holiday entitlement. Businesses with a transient workforce know the headache of manual leaver calculations each month. HR and payroll teams set time aside every month just to tackle the mountain of admin that stacks up behind each holiday request. This isn’t sustainable.

edays handles global absence, compliance, and variable working patterns, with no manual calculations. It’s super flexible too and will auto-calculate changes in policies, holiday entitlements, and work out leaver calculations.

Shared calendar illustration

Intelligent staff holiday software that supports your business

Managers often accept holiday requests only to realise they’re unable to deliver when multiple members of the team are off at the same time. Lack of easy holiday visibility is a simple fix with edays, so you are never knowingly understaffed again.

With edays’ staff holiday system, managers also have the capability to plan around absence trends and proactively manage employee wellbeing. This means you can predict who might need a break and who is at risk of burnout, so you can offer the most helpful course of action.

staff holiday mobile app

Quickly log and review requests with our staff leave planner

The edays mobile app allows employees to log requests, and managers to review requests, anywhere any time. The group calendar access makes it easy for employees to plan leave and holidays at times when they’re more likely to get it approved, and to avoid any clashes or overlaps with other team members. It also provides visibility of when others are off, assisting with workload management.

People managers are then able to quickly review leave requests, with sight of who else may be off at the same time, allowing them to provide quick feedback and improve the employee experience.

When employees plan their holidays or request time off, they typically do so outside of working hours. Our mobile app provides them with a smooth and convenient way to submit leave requests while they’re actively thinking about it, eliminating the need to wait until they return to their computer.

How to manage holiday as a growing organisation

Managing staff holidays doesn’t have to be filled with admin burden and complex entitlements. It can be a breeze, even for the biggest and fastest-growing organisations.

We find the edays system excellent and very user-friendly. I’m the master user in the HR team and have found it to be a great system. The help desk at edays is also excellent and always reply with accurate help straight away. Whenever I meet other HR professionals I always recommend edays if they want an effective holiday tracker system.

Ben Efford (MCIPD), HR Business Partner – Monster Energy

The edays system has saved us a huge amount of time when it comes to logging and inputting holiday and sickness data. The original process was manual and paper-based, and led to inaccurate recordings, especially when it came to sickness which was often recorded after an employee returned to work and was therefore easier to miss or forget.

Wendy Godsman, Payroll Team Lead

We were using an online system, but it wasn’t easy and intuitive for our employees and managers because it wasn’t an absence management tool – it’s mainly known on the market as a ticketing tool. Some of our locations weren’t using it at all. That’s why, when we had to consolidate data, it was a challenge taking us from some days to several weeks to provide the overview and numbers required.

Liia Rikson, HR Technology Manager – IATA


5 Benefits of Using a Staff Holiday Planner

Smiling HR professional

Make requesting and approving staff holiday easy

One of the key benefits of using a staff leave system is how easy it makes requesting, approving and recording holiday. It provides a much better employee experience, as it eliminates the need to send an email to make a holiday request, and wait for a response which may take several days to appear or be overlooked altogether.


Employees also have full visibility of their holiday entitlement in one system, so they can see exactly how much holiday they have booked and how much of their allowance remains. This helps to provide employees with more ownership and responsibility for their holiday entitlement. They can decide how and when they want to use it, and with the aid of personal and group calendars, they are able to work their leave dates around those of their colleagues.


For people managers, edays will send a notification through to show that a holiday request has been made. Managers can then log onto the mobile app or desktop platform to view the request, check that it doesn’t clash with someone else in the team, and then approve or deny the request accordingly. All with just a few taps and no email chains to resurface.

Provide complete visibility of leave to better plan resources

Having a staff holiday planner in place is a much more efficient way to manage resources, rather than relying on email, spreadsheets or paper to try and organise everyone’s leave.


With a system like edays, you can view how much leave employees are using and when, so resources can be planned effectively to make sure workflows, projects and busier periods are not disrupted.


Having sight of everyone’s holiday allowance will also show individuals who aren’t using up as much of their holiday allowance as perhaps they ought to be. If someone hasn’t taken a break from work for several weeks or even months, it may be time for their people manager to step in and encourage them to booking some annual leave. Taking regularly breaks from work is essential in remaining productive – trying to ‘run on empty’ actually diminishes focus and output, leading to presenteesim and burnout.

Avoid clashes in employee leave

Utilising a staff holiday booking system helps dramatically in avoiding clashes in employee leave. Without a streamlined system, spotting whether too many employees have the same dates booked off can be easily missed.


A staff holiday planner like edays will notify you to any clashes in leave – and rules can be put in place to set up these alerts. For example, if 3 people within a 4-person team all want to book the same week off work, and that will cause resourcing issues, the system will let you know.

Manage leave for part-time and full-time employees, in days or hours, in one system

Often one of the challenges for organisations that have part-time and full-time employees is separating out their different leave allowances and staying on top of how much of their entitlement is being used.


So, having a leave management system in place that automatically calculates the leave entitlements for both part-time and full-time employees is a huge help. Time off can also be calculated and booked off in hours or days – a big plus point if you offer TOIL (time off in lieu).

Ditch the manual processes and automate your approach

Automating your approach to managing leave will reduce time that is currently being spent on manual processes, as well as improving the leave experience for employees. Whether you have a mix of part-time and full-time employees, those working shifts, or individuals who have enhanced long-service leave entitlements, it can all be managed in one system.


With edays, you can set up custom leave types too, so if you offer additional annual leave days in the form of wellbeing days or mental health days, these can be easily logged separately.


To learn more about deciding which staff holiday planner is right for you, take a look at our blog: What to look for when choosing a leave management system.

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