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Everyone needs a break. Give your staff the easiest and most effective way to book annual leave, and your managers the best way to track it.

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Wave goodbye paper and spreadsheets, and say hello to an automated work holiday planner

Managing staff holiday requests via paper and spreadsheets is long-winded, extremely tedious, and very limited. Manual processes and human error go hand in hand, therefore using a spreadsheet to track annual can confuse staff, with issues around the number of days used and how many they have left.

Using automated holiday booking software speeds up the process of recording and managing holidays, all whilst reducing the risk of human error and confusion amongst staff.

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Employee requests annual leave.

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Manager approves the request.

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Employee receives email notification.

Managing and tracking annual leave made easy

Employees have complete control over booking annual leave and checking holiday entitlement. With our self-service holiday tracker, employees can log in to their accounts online and easily request annual leave whenever they like. Holiday requests are then sent to managers via an automated email, where they can accept or reject requests with a click of a button.

Let the holiday system handle global complexities 

Each country has its own wonderful world of holiday entitlements. Managing this is not so wonderful. e-days takes the pain away by managing different rules and entitlements for you in the appropriate languages for your global teams.

Our holiday management software connects with existing systems to make these solutions even stronger. From Workday to Oracle, our advanced flexibility means we fit how you work and not the other way around. 

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“Thanks to the smooth implementation of e-days, we now have a paperless holiday booking system that is easy to use.”

Trust HR Manager, The Education Alliance

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Clear visibility for HR, managers, and employees

Our employee holiday planner makes booking a holiday easy. HR managers have the ability to create annual leave reports, managers can see whos in and out of the office and staff have a clear view of their entitlement.

Reports Dashboard: HR managers can create bespoke reports using our enhanced reporting dashboard. Entitlement and holiday reports by individual, team, or location can be created quickly and easily.

Group Calendar: Avoid an empty office with our group calendar function. Managers have clear visibility of where their whole team is, whether they are sick, on holiday, or just out of the office for the day.

Personal Dashboard: Employees have full visibility of their holidays using their dashboard. Employees can see their annual leave entitlement, total holidays taken and how many they still have to use, as well as any requests still left to authorise.

Frequently asked questions

What is a staff holiday planner?

A staff holiday planner is any system or piece of software that allows employees to book annual leave. Employees can book, track, and manage their holidays.

Can managers see their teams’ holiday?

Yes. Using our group calendar function managers can easily see exactly where anyone in their team is, whether it’s working from home, holiday or off-site training.

Can employee’s book holiday whenever they like?

Yes. Our online system can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device. However, they can only take holiday if they have enough entitlement left. If someone has already used all their entitlement, the system will not allow them to take anymore.

Can we track more than just employee holidays?

Yes. Because the system is built around your requirements, you can track any form of planned, unplanned, or unauthorised absence. Some examples of these can be holiday, sickness, training, maternity, paternity, working from home, GP appointment, conference, and lateness.

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Managing staff holidays doesn’t have to be a challenge filled with admin burden and complex entitlements. With the right systems and processes, it can be a breeze. Even for the biggest and fastest-growing businesses.

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Holiday management made easy

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