State of Employee Absence Report

The weather, world events, television – it’s going to leave its mark. Depending on the day, people are going to feel good, or bad, or worse, with this having an impact on your business.

Our research has shown that February is the worst month for sickness absence so far in 2019. But what else did we find out?

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Employee absence findings

We've analysed the data of close to 200,000 e-days users to analyse half-year sickness absence trends, which has been pulled together into this comprehensive employee absence report. The data we have pulled paints a very interesting picture, with 6 key findings.


Worst day for absence in the first half of 2019


Best day for attendance in the first half of 2019


Average cost of sickness per organisation per day


Average sickness per day for each month of the year so far



Total days off sick per UK employee

Total number of sickness absences recorded

Not only will you learn more around absence trends for UK employees, but using the data in this report, we have explored different ways to help businesses reduce staff sickness and become more productive.