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    use cases

    Absenteeism matters

    Employees are off 3-5 sick days per annum, edays gives HR teams 100% global visibility to understand their sickness data on a business-wide and an individual level.

    Trusted by over 1,400 companies worldwide.

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    Absenteeism is costing your business

    Sick leave is costing UK employers £29bn a year.

    Source: The Drum

    How edays helps you maintain a healthy workforce to better control absence levels

    absence and leave reporting

    Understand absenteeism

    Combine accurate absence data with powerful insights to identify the roots of absenteeism. Reduce costs of absence through increased visibility and understanding through innovative analytics, alerts, and trends data.

    A finger on your absence pulse

    Offer employees support quicker than ever before. Our intelligent real-time absence alerts flag managers and HR when employee absences immediately occur.

    absence and wellbeing software

    Provide support to everyone, anytime

    edays connects to online GP and EAP providers, so employees have the tools to overcome wellbeing challenges and return to work stronger than ever.

    Keep your teams safe

    Keep track of sickness absence reasons to highlight and act upon those detrimental to your teams and the wider business.

    I think implementing edays is one of the best things we’ve done for our people. The in-depth absence data it provides has helped us get a handle on both unplanned and planned absence to proactively identify and address wellbeing issues.

    Paul Holmes, Managing Director – Wirtgen Group

    Absenteeism in the workplace: Top FIVE causes and how to reduce it

    We all feel under the weather sometimes. But we’re also all products of our environment. And if the working environment is making your employees feel unwell, unhappy, or otherwise out-of-sorts, then it’s your responsibility as an employer to set things right.

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    Leverage insights for smarter absence management.

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    Connect to HRIS platforms for a complete absence picture.